About sonyeo[n]


Launched in 2015 in New York City, sonyeo[n] began with embracing the idea of gender neutrality. 

The aesthetic of our collection is rooted in the creation of beauty where cultural gender norms merge. Combined with New York's minimalistic and architectural atmosphere, we believe in timeless, enduring and playful details. We are also committed to the highest quality, environmentally sound sources.

All of our items are hand cut and fully assembled piece by piece in our studio. This process provides each items a certain character as well as special emotional connections with wearer. 

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The Leather


Our products are made from vegetable-tanned leather and/or double tanned leather, made with natural dyes and without harsh chemicals. We source our leather from tanneries in the USA, Italy and France that are world-renowned for producing the highest quality leather in the market. Their natural processes are based on centuries of tradition, so it is not only in agreement with our aesthetic, but our commitment to environmental responsibility. 

·   We always clarify the materials used in the detailed description of our items and are happy to provide further information upon inquiry.

The Character


Vegetable-tanned leather is very different from chrome-tanned leather which is broadly used in the commercial market. Requiring more time and labor, vegetable tanning allows the leather to keep its natural texture and character. This includes wrinkles, uneven color, and small indentations — all of which bring features unique to each item. 

Over time and with use, vegetable-tanned leather changes its texture and color — called "patina" — with scratches, exposure to sunlight, and contact with moisture from the wearer's skin. These features allow each one of our items to develop its own unique character to complement its owner.

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Your Satisfaction

All of our items are hand crafted in our studio, which can result in human error despite our goal of creating only the finest product. If anything happens to your purchase due to our error, we will repair or replace it free of charge if notified within ninety (90) calendar days from the date of purchase. Please email us and we will take care of it for you.

NOTE: Under normal circumstances, our studio does not offer any restoration or repair services. The above service is meant to guarantee our product quality with our clients. Please refer to the Leather Care section on this website to keep your purchase in the best condition.