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It needs your LOVE...

 sonyeo[n] uses vegetable-tanned leather or double tanned leather, which uses a natural dyeing process that doesn't require toxic chemicals or harsh dyes. This process allows the leather to have its own unique look and with use, it will darken with exposure to sunlight and direct contact with wearer's skin. To improve its endurance and help its beautiful aging, we recommend cleaning and conditioning as needed.

  When using colorless leather conditioner or cleaner, please make sure to test it out first with a small amount of the product rubbed on the leather where it is not visible and leave it for a couple of minutes to ensure it doesn't damage the leather.

Please Note

·     Vegetable tanning allows the leather to keeps its natural surface including wrinkles, uneven color, and small indentations. These are not defects but are the unique features of its inherent state that we select for our aesthetic.

·     Vegetable tanned leather can be affected by moisture and dyes may cause stains on light color garments.

·     Due to the character of vegetable-tanned leather, your item will alter in appearance over time. Such as patina, subtle shine though the surface, and softening.