A Box on Your Wrist - in Double Tanned Leather

Color : Mahogany Black

Size : Approx. 9" Width x 4.75" Height x 3.25" Depth. Handle Length 9.5"

William is a Wristlet has a minimal box shape for daily use. Made of combination tanned leather with high quality solid brass hardware. The merit of the combination leather is that it has the natural look of vegetable tanned leather, but is more resistant to scratches like chrome tanned leather.


Materials :

·   Shell : Double Tanned Leather, Horween Chicago - Mahogany Black (USA)

·   Lining : Cow leather - Natural (USA)

·   Hardware : Solid Brass - Nickel Plated (USA)

·   Zipper : Nickel Plated - Riri (Italy)

·   Thread : Nylon Thread - Tonal (Japan)

·   Edge Paint : Eco-Friendly Edge Paint - Tonal (Italy)

·   Glue : Non-Toxic Water Based (Germany)


Handcrafted in the USA



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·   Stains, scratches and patina belong to the normal ageing process of your item. Differences in tone, shading, gradation, and the possible alterations of the material are to be regarded as a sign of quality.

·   When your item is new or after storing it, the wax may release itself causing a slightly white shade. The released wax may contain some of the dye contained in the leather, this can possibly stain your light garments. Gently rub the surface with a dry soft cotton cloth to remove. Overtime, using a colorless special cream for leather can help clean and moisturize your item.